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A Safer London For All


Crime in London is spiralling out of control. Residents feel increasingly unsafe in their own neighbourhoods. In the midst of this crisis an alarming decision was made to close 38 of the 73 police stations across London with front desks, a severe blow to maintaining the important relationship between our community and their police. This was a confusing and grave mistake by London’s leadership. As Mayor I will take steps to immediately reverse the decision.

The spread of knife crime and gang violence is a scourge on our community and must be eliminated. I will strengthen our police, ensuring that 8,500 more officers and special constables are on the beat, including 1,000 dedicated to address hate crime. I will ensure that they are suitably equipped to detect knives and drugs. I will improve the working conditions of our legendary police, improving their pay and benefits and providing private medical care, so they can continue to dedicate their lives to keep us out of harm’s way.

The core issues behind youth violence will be tackled head on by my administration by listening to and working with the members of our community fighting for a brighter future. I am passionate about empowering London’s youth and will introduce initiatives to give them purpose, through education and training, or music or on the sports field. My vision is to provide the pathway for the troubled young people of our city to become the next generation of all stars, representing our country all over the world. The pride of London.


  • Hire more than 8,500 police over 4 years, ensuring police have the resources to deal with incidents and prosecute cases
  • 1,000 police dedicated to address hate crimes
  • Update and increase cameras and lighting all over London to make it even harder for criminals to escape detection and make streets safer
  • Closed police stations will be reopened. I have travelled to each Borough and have witnessed the damage caused by closing police stations. Many communities are vulnerable as there is no police station in their Borough
  • There will be a war on cyber-crime, including an educational awareness
  • Work closer with the banks to find innovative solutions to tackle online bank fraud and suspicious transfers
  • Fight against human trafficking and slavery in London to take down and prosecute gangs
  • Cyber bullying accountability
  • Tough sentences on hate crime
  • County lines task force, to address rising exploitation of vulnerable youth from gangs
  • To address sexual exploitation of minors, take down organised rings and prosecute at the highest level


Knife Crime


  • First ever unified peace treaty signed with the gangs of London
  • Fracture gang culture by removing a main source of income, by the legalising cannabis with strict limitations including only to be smoked in privacy of home and legal licensed cafes
  • Amnesty bins for weapons reintroduced across London with secure drops at Police stations and councils
  • Support local community leaders, organisations and initiatives to combat local knife crime incidents
  • Performing Art and Creative academies opened across London for youth aged from 8 – 21, to provide opportunities away from crime and the influence of gang culture. The academies will provide free access to music education, acting, film making, editing, coding, dance, singing, with state-of-the-art recording studios and equipment accessible for free
  • Sporting Academies – To create the next generation of all stars and Olympic athletes across a wide range of sporting disciplines.