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Education is the Future

  • Counsellors will be available in all schools and colleges to provide children with access to professional help for the early prevention of mental health issues, as well as those arising from abuse and bullying
  • Summer meals for vulnerable children and summer school
  • Introduce finance management courses in schools
  • Grants for children to have laptops at home
  • Internet dongles provided to pupils that do not have internet access
  • Free Coding and tech training academies open for all from age 16 plus, to build a talent pool of coders
  • Free Performing Art and Creative academies opened across London for youth aged from 8 – 21, to provide opportunities away from crime and gang culture. The academies will provide free access to courses in music, acting, film making, editing, coding, dance, singing. This will be supplemented with state of the art recording studios and photography and film equipment accessible for free
  • Sporting Academies will provide marginalised youths with training and nurture the next generation of Olympic athletes and major sporting stars