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Fighting The Climate Change


I will be the greenest Mayor yet, taking real action by implementing a 10-year Environmental master plan, working with industry, educational institutions, corporations, and individuals to make a cleaner, greener, London. Improving our air quality and cleaning up the Thames an immediate priority. We will expand our parks and forests and protect our native bee population, helping them thrive and reproduce. we will change the landscape of London with micro algae installations across the city that absorb CO2 at unprecedented levels. Delivering immediate results as the algae begin consuming pollutant gases and releasing oxygen back into our atmosphere.


Critical to the plan is the delivery of a sweeping shift in the attitudes and practices we as Londoners adopt in managing and living within our environment. Governments need to show the community the way forward. Replacing a fear of the future with a vision of the benefits that lie ahead and the simple, often no cost, actions we can take to bring about positive, substantive change.


We will be at the forefront of the fight against climate change. Under my leadership, London will commence work to join the hundreds of cities across the world striving to achieve zero emissions by 2040. 10 years in advance of the 2050 target set by the international treaty on climate change in Paris. 10 years in advance of the strategy adopted by the current Mayor. There will be new and dynamic incentive schemes and rebates to accelerate the uptake of sustainable energy and building practices. Electric cars will become the norm. London must be among the world-leading cities in this important race to save our planet and to ensure our children have a clean, green future.


  • Introduce microalgal installments across London with the capability of immediately converting high volumes of carbon dioxide and other harmful gases into oxygen to make the city carbon negative
  • Implement a 10-year environmental master plan for London to address the key areas of climate change and energy, biodiversity, and a cleaner healthier London, working with educational institutions, corporations, and individuals to see a cleaner and greener London
    • City Hall to partner with institutions to develop accessible training programs for the public across key environmental disciplines including voluntary work on relevant environmental projects across the greater London to become a world centre for the application of cutting-edge environmental science
    • Implement a 10-year Environmental Protection Drive across London
    • Protect and multiply the bee population in London
    • Plant a large variety of tree species across London to ensure genetic diversity in each species. The plan with look further at the species planted to ensure future climate change will not affect the environment in 50 years by the species planted.
      Drive the plantation of plants to help the bee population thrive
    • Financial benefits for electric car users
    • Solar power car charging stations for electric cars
    • The biggest river Thames clean up and protection of marine life, as part of the 10-year plan
    • Introduce electric vehicle charging points across greater London
    • Recruitment drive for under 30’s, that will be trained to protect the environment on various courses, such as marine biology and plant sciences. They will then be provided jobs either paid and on a voluntary capacity to make London greener, as part of the 10yr plan
    • Courses for environmental protection will be extended to Londoners, that which to get involved in community led projects across London to protect the environment
    • Paid environmental work for the homeless community, including collecting plastics and gardening



  • London will commence work to join the 452 cities and 22 regions across the world striving to achieve zero emissions by 2040. 10 years in advance of the 2050 target set by the international treaty on climate change in Paris
  • City Hall will showcase the economic, social and environmental opportunities of responding to climate change including the uptake of renewable energy and clean smart technologies – to attract new investment into the capital
  • London to become a centre for microalgal research and the commercialisation of related technologies
  • Provide a targeted package of incentives and support to the community and business sectors to move to a new paradigm in the use of energy. These will include:
    • The Sustainable London Incentives Scheme which will provide direct rebates, ranging from GBP 3,000 to 15,000, for the installation of sustainable technology into apartments, houses and commercial buildings
    • The Zero Carb Office program to assist businesses successfully implement sustainability initiatives and take the city towards the carbon neutral target
      Building upgrade finance to fund environmental and heritage upgrades to existing non-residential buildings



  • Reduce threats to biodiversity as a priority under the 10-year master by implementing the following initiatives:

    • The Urban Forest Diversity program which will see planting across London’s greenspaces of a diverse range of selected plant species to make our urban forests more robust and resilient to pests and pathogens
    • Build a more diverse bee population for London by creating corridors of flowering plants encircling London. This will drive biodiversity throughout the entire ecosystem.



  • Making the greater London bus fleet zero emission by 2027
  • Cleaning the Thames
  • Creating more green space
  • Cash incentives for motorists to upgrade to electric vehicles
  • New controls for noise pollution
  • Build a world class network of electric vehicle charging stations, including solar powered terminals



  • Supporting #OneLess, as Mayor I pledge to

    • Promote London as a city leading the charge to eliminate unnecessary single-use plastic
    • Ensure sufficient and equal access to public refill points in London
    • Eradicate single-use plastic water bottles in GLA buildings and support London businesses to do the same