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Homeless Community

  • Homeless GP / Dentist Centres will open to provide treatment and prescriptions for homeless people
  • Hygiene Centres will open to provide basic hygiene services, such as shower facilities, haircuts, and launderette
  • Build an eco-village to eradicate rough sleeping on the streets of London, the villages will house converted shipping containers, self-contained apartments with private shower / toilet facilities
  • City Hall will tackle the homeless immigration crisis. It will ensure nobody is turned away from receiving care or shelter. Work with Home Office to resolve individual cases, especially after BREXIT
  • Fund existing charities in their efforts to house, feed, improve lives of the homeless community
  • A one-stop-shop for existing charities and service providers to be represented. This will provide the homeless with easy and ready access to the most appropriate care
  • Introduce an employment system for the homeless community and introduce training programs including environmental work to protect the environment
  • Legal aid support for migrant homeless with support to repatriate non-UK residents
  • During Covid-19 empty hotels proved key to reducing homelessness. New accommodation will be developed to provide temporary stays as an interim measure while Councils and charities allocate individuals to permanent housing