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Affordable Housing and More Money in Your Pocket


Tackling London’s affordability crisis requires a Mayor that listens to its residents with the will to deliver immediate policy solutions. The housing crisis in our capital is a longstanding problem and can only be solved through increasing supply. I will commence by immediately building really affordable housing, something the current Mayor has failed to achieve. Imaginative solutions such as prefabricated dwellings and converted shipping containers designed in the form of new eco villages will provide immediate relief to our homeless.

For longer term projects it is critical we simplify planning rules and increase the development of private and public sector projects, including brownfield sites. I want to see a London where people can build their lives and own a home. By delivering intelligent buying schemes, where the government can assist with home loans, we will empower a new generation of homeowners. I will actively work with developers to build thousands of homes across London, specifically for the residents of London, not foreign investors.

I also understand that for many living in our capital, the need for a helping hand is urgent and cannot wait. This is particularly true for young people, many of whom will suffer most from the economic consequences of COVID – 19. That’s why, when elected, I will commit to council tax reform, and seek an exemption for tenants aged under 25. Tenants will see new protections, no more discrimination from Estate Agents to tenants on benefits, and a Zero deposit scheme protected by insurance will be mandatory to offer tenants. Together we can make London affordable by exposing those that exploit the housing market and by supporting the vast majority of landlords who responsibly manage their properties.

  • Introduction of a new buy to let scheme where each monthly rent helps build equity
  • A blanket ban across London, on estate agent’s unjust discrimination
    on tenants claiming housing benefit
  • Introduce a zero deposit scheme for renters that is backed by insurance, currently available in the market but not rolled out
  • Thousands of affordable homes will be built and made available exclusively to residents of London not foreign investors
  • Allow building on brownfield land to open up opportunities for new affordable housing
  • Modernise existing social housing and ensure the government removes dangerous cladding
  • No to land banking
  • Regulate Airbnb to protect residents
  • Tough measures to address rogue landlords