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Knife Crime

  • First ever unified peace treaty signed with the gangs of London
  • Fracture gang culture by removing a main source of income, by the legalising cannabis with strict limitations including only to be smoked in privacy of home and legal licensed cafes
  • Amnesty bins for weapons reintroduced across London with secure drops at Police stations and councils
  • Support local community leaders, organisations and initiatives to combat local knife crime incidents
  • Performing Art and Creative academies opened across London for youth aged from 8 – 21, to provide opportunities away from crime and the influence of gang culture. The academies will provide free access to music education, acting, film making, editing, coding, dance, singing, with state-of-the-art recording studios and equipment accessible for free
  • Sporting Academies – To create the next generation of all stars and Olympic athletes across a wide range of sporting disciplines.