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Farah London is a visionary entrepreneur, with over 22 years of corporate and entrepreneurial experience, she continues to drive successful initiatives across five continents in global trade. Founder and CEO of an award winning global government business forum. She previously held a successful career in reinsurance, initially as a broker to Lloyds of London and then as an underwriter for one of the largest international reinsurance companies, writing multi billion-pound policies all over the world. Farah devotes herself to the community by being an active volunteer for several social justice programs and charity organisations over the past 20 years.


Her community work has driven real change and transformed lives. Among the many causes she has been involved in, some remain particularly close to her heart, such as caring for the homeless, supporting those with mental health challenges, and helping young people to avoid the lure of gang violence through mentoring.

“I represent all the people of London, not a political party.”

– Farah London


Farah was born and raised in Croydon and studied International Business at the University of Westminster.
She was awarded a Certificate of Excellence by Barbara Roche MP Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for small Firms, Trade and Industry for her role as Managing Director of a Company she established with her fellow classmates. In addition, she was awarded the Best Overall Young Company of 1998 in Waltham Forest and the Best Product in East London awarded by the Young Business Enterprise Princes Trust.


Farah has 22 years commercial experience in business. She has a background in the reinsurance industry, beginning her career as a broker for Lloyds of London before joining Liberty Mutual Group as a senior underwriter, writing multi-billion-pound policies in energy, tourism, hospitality, climate change, and environmental liability.

Farah is the founder and CEO of BACK 2 BUSINESS International, an award-winning global trading network and business forum. She is also the founder of a digital agency and event management business.

Farah has held several board positions during her career. In 2008 she was appointed to the board of the British Business Group (BBG), where she served a 5-year term as Chair for the BBG’s Insurance Focus Group. She also served as the Director of the event committee for ‘Women in Insurance – WII’, a Non-Profit organisation empowering professional women in insurance in the UAE. She also sat on the board of the British Chamber of Commerce in Turkey as a senior advisor.

She is also currently on the board of the Royal Society of St. George, of which Her Majesty is patron, and the English Business Council.


In October, Farah announced her candidacy for Mayor of London in the 2021 election. She entered the race to provide a credible alternative to incumbent Mayor Sadiq Khan and the Conservative Party’s candidate Shaun Bailey. Covid-19’s impact on London was also key to her decision, highlighting how the city’s economy and social fabric risked being ‘hollowed out’ unless immediate action was taken. Making the city’s recovery a top priority, Farah has said she’ll be outlining a number of policies over the course of the campaign, including initiatives to make London the world’s biggest ‘tech hub’ outside California through attracting global investment.

Farah’s campaign slogan is “Bring London Back”, a reference to the declining safety and affordability in the capital. When elected, she has pledged to increase London’s supply of housing by simplifying planning rules, and through expanding the development of private and public sector projects, including on brownfield sites. Farah has also sympathised with the challenge faced by young people, many of whom she says spend a disproportionate amount of their income on accomodation. To help address this, Farah has pledged to reform council tax and seek an exemption for those under 25.

Farah has made tackling rising crime a priority in her campaign. She is a passionate advocate of London’s police, and has committed to reversing Mayor Sadiq Khan’s decision to close 38 of the 73 police stations with front desks. She has also promised to provide officers with improved healthcare and employee benefits.

Farah is a lifelong passenger and supporter of the capital’s Black Cabs trade. When announcing her candidacy, Farah pledged to introduce measures to support the “iconic” industry and endorsed the LTDA’s ‘Taxi drivers can’t work from home’ campaign.


London is a former Conservative Party campaigner but left the party in 2020.

As a philanthropist, Farah has devoted significant resources and commitment to supporting charities and is personally active in assisting with projects that benefit important causes.

She has been praised for the transformative benefits to people’s lives she has been able to achieve through this work. Among the many causes she contributes to, she has a particular devotion to caring for the homeless, supporting those with mental health challenges, and helping young people avoid the lure of gang violence through mentoring.


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