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Mental Health

  • Drive a community led mental health team including support with the police and ambulance service, in conjunction with NHS partners, to enable a collaborative working relationship that is outcome driven
  • Free online counselling available for pandemic related stress
  • Provide enhanced mental health awareness training to police, to equip them to handle situations
  • Two step referral system for mental health referrals from care workers and in-house NHS doctors within Councils, patients can be referred direct to care centres to eliminate long waits for care
  • Easy access to Trauma based therapy
  • Digitalise NHS Mental Health departments across the London, so if a team in another borough is available to provide immediate care, the patient can be transported
  • Councillors will be in every school & college to target a preventative approach to mental health issues that are developed from a young age
  • Introduce access to online care professionals to assess if a patient requires immediate care and then can refer to the clinic for the two- step system
  • Discreet public referrals from concerned family and friends to get individuals help they need