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  • Zero tolerance for abuse to officers, verbal or physical. Offenders will be held accountable at any age
  • All police working in Zone one, will not pay a congestion charge
  • Increased benefits for police officers, from private medical including private counselling through to gym memberships
  • Hire more than 8,500 police over 4 years, ensuring police have the resources to deal with incidents and prosecute cases
  • 1,000 police dedicated to address hate crimes
  • Update and increase cameras and lighting all over London to make it even harder for criminals to escape detection and make streets safer
  • Closed police stations will be reopened. I have travelled to each Borough and have witnessed the damage caused by closing police stations. Many communities are vulnerable as there is no police station in their Borough
  • Proper uniforms and up-to-date equipment such as riot gear will be issued
  • Special non-invasive handheld equipment will be introduced to support stop and search, to detect knifes and drugs
  • Recruitment drive for Specials – Structure put in place for Specials to
    not only be on the beat. They will have a pathway to use their expertise to better the force, be fully integrated into the structure and have a clear path for succession
  • Introduce apprenticeships and work experience from age 16 upwards.
  • Start a new program of Youth Specials to support community outreach and career progression