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Reforming & Reshaping TFL


As the next Mayor of London, I will help this city rediscover its once great public transport system. I will introduce 100 days of free travel across London as an important first step to reinvigorate the city’s economy as the COVID pandemic retreats. Importantly, this will help restore the community’s confidence in the transport system, which has seen declining patronage and mismanagement well before the onset of the pandemic. I want residents to have access to convenient, affordable, and flexible world-class transport options. To make our lives easier, drive down emissions, and support a healthy environment.


The introduction of a dynamic ticketing system will underpin my “Fare Deal” reform package. This will provide cheaper transport for all Londoners and allow City to Hall to alter fares to encourage patronage during periods of low traffic and to assist communities marginalised by the current system. Particularly those in outlying areas with poor connections to the tube network. Hospitality workers tapping in and out at the start/end of their shifts will be exempt. There will be free periods for all passengers travelling through high street tube stations at less busy times to stimulate commercial activity. Further rolling packages of incentives will be announced as part of the fare deal program.


To ensure that the transport system is equitable and reflects the immediate priorities of all residents I will introduce the “Powering Up” program. This will allow the residents of London to directly influence policy and make decisions to shape their public transport. I will ask residents to choose their priorities and work to build a resource that we all own. That responds to our needs.


The excess and wastage of TFLs existing operations will be dealt with. I will undertake a snap audit and introduce immediate cost saving measures, including salary caps for what is a very top-heavy organisation. The future is my priority, and we need to rewrite the rules to ensure London transport once again becomes the envy of the world.


  • Reverse the road restrictions and removal of LTNs
  • Bring back high street parking
  • 100 days free travel on public transport
  • Introduce a “Fare-Deal” dynamic ticketing system. The new system will provide:

    • Long term reduced fares and exemptions for nurses and low income hospitality workers tapping in and out at the start/end of their shifts
    • Free periods for all passengers travelling through high street tube stations at less busy times to stimulate commercial activity and even out pavement and in-shop congestion
    • Free travel periods will be introduced for those boarding the tube from bus stops which are the least tube-connected to provide a direct benefit to communities that remain marginalised by the current system
    • Cap Fares within zone 1
    • Freedom Pass holders time travel restrictions abolished
  • Launch a fully independent investigation on the cross-rail failures with accountability for those involved
  • Increase cameras for passenger safety, including installing them in trains / buses
  • More support for Transport Police


Congestion Charge

  • Return Congestion Charge back to GBP 12.00
  • The Congestion Charge will only apply from 7am to 7pm Mon-Fri
  • Introduce congestion charge short stay tariffs
  • Police working in Zone 1 will be exempt from the congestion charge
  • All fully electric vehicles will be exempt from the Congestion Charge until 2025


Electric Cars

  • More electric charging points, including fully solar powered terminals, will be introduced in central and greater London
  • Free parking bays for electric cars introduced for use of up to 2hrs per vehicle during paid times
  • Electric cars will be available for hire through newly introduced electric car pods


Cyclist /Electric scooters

  • Introduce grants to assist with the purchase of bicycles
  • Introduce highway code handbook and theory test for cyclists to improve safety. Under 16s will be taught the code and tested at school
  • Introduce a QR code plate on all bicycles, to identify riders and cycle owners for control of traffic offences
  • Mandatory helmets with QR code


Transport for the Community

  • Residents to choose their priorities from 100 “shovel-ready” projects through the “Powering-up” program. This will ensure that the London transport system is equitable and reflects the immediate priorities of all residents
  • Using the online tool CommonPlace, for and against campaigners will be able to pitch their case directly, with training provided to upskill less confident residents who feel shut out of the process and want to be heard
  • Projects will be used and owned by the community with wastage and costs minimised.


Black Cabs

  • Where buses go, black cabs go!
  • Reverse the road restrictions and removal of LTNs
  • More electric charging points only accessible for black cabs, placed across the city, including the green huts, and across greater London.
  • Opening main roads, like Tottenham Court Road and others across London
  • Revert the 12-year licence to 15 years for diesel black cabs and then offer a larger grant of £12,500 towards the cost of an electric vehicle with an interest free loan
  • The electric fleet will be given a 20-year licence. The vehicles will remain on the road for the duration of the licence as long as they pass regular inspections
  • Help Fleet owners upgrade their fleets and assist renting at affordable rates.
  • Introduce TFL booking system, so black cabs can receive bookings from passengers and not pay any commission on fares
  • Rewarding loyalty to the trade, licence holders for over 40 years will receive electric cab on loan, until they retire